Creative & Innovative

Lighting, image, scent and sound

A beautiful bathroom design should wake the senses. Experience, knowledge and creative ideas are necessary in all aspects of design, in the use of innovative materials, lighting, imagery, scent and sound.

Attention to design shows passion, emotion and dedication. Design reflects the soul of your business. The Toletto visual wall gives every space a unique character. As does the makeup area, shelving and a sufficient numbers of wall hooks to make sure that no-one’s bags or coats need come into contact with the floor.

Lighting colour temperatures can influence mood. No clinical lighting, but beautiful downlighters.

Sound (music) not only affects the mood, but also masks less pleasant noises.

Our sense of smell is connected to memory. Our scent diffusing system uses natural essential oils.

Toletto bathrooms are easy to clean, vandal-proof and reduce operating costs.


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