About Toletto

Why choose Toletto?

Toletto specialises in the design, renovation and building of bathrooms within the professional market. Our multidisciplinary bathroom technicians will make any bathroom much more than just a functional space.

Technical skills, turnkey builds and absolute value for money.

We mix creativity and functionality into one ideal product, thinking up incredible designs appropriate to the surrounding building and interior. Never standard, always outstanding. We take away the stress of the design process and the build; thanks to our skills sets, your bathroom or toilet block project will be completed within a much shorter timespan than you would expect. The result - a bathroom where every visitor feels welcome!

Sustainable and durable.

We respect the environment, choosing to work with sustainable materials and innovative techniques. Investing in sustainable renovation could mean savings of around €1,000 per toilet per annum. These past five years, we have designed, freshened up, renovated or built a range of extraordinary, sustainable and durable bathrooms in all kinds of locations both at home and abroad.

For all budgets.

We can offer the appropriate solution for every possible location and budget. Sustainable builds always pay back on an investment. Sustainability is not simply a hype waiting to blow over, but is becoming a core value incorporated into every aspect from design all the way up to management. Sustainability plays an important role, adding value in aspects such as communication with your visitors and staff members

What will choosing Toletto mean?

When you choose Toletto, you will also choose:

  • a stress-free experience from the beginnings of design to the perfect product
  • for building management, an easily maintained space with low operating costs
  • for the user, a surprisingly eye-catching and clean bathroom or toilet block

Choose quality!

Opting for quality prevents future disappointments. Once the short satisfaction of a low price has been forgotten, the long-term impracticalities of low quality products take over.

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