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Toletto toiletrenovatie horeca

project    : Aristo Congress Accommodations
location  : Utrecht


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Guest friendliness is an essential part of the recreation and hospitality business model. This is where one can really stand out from the crowd. Every visit to a hotel, marina, camping site, theme park, cinema or restaurant should be a 100% positive experience from the moment your guest arrives. Unpleasant bathrooms can damage otherwise positive ratings and negatively affect the carefully built image of an organisation.

Toletto can offer solutions based upon available funds, from luxury builds for top hotels to vandal-proof toilet blocks in theme parks. Investment in good quality bathroom facilities will always pay significant returns.

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Added inspiration? Bathrooms. We visit them often, and not always in the comfort of our own homes. They can be found everywhere: in schools, hospitals, student accommodation, hotels, theatres, theme parks, garages, offices, shops etc. Each and every location has its own specific demands. Hospitals require high standards of hygiene and safety; some people need […]