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Toletto toiletontwerp onderwijs

project    : Utrecht University
location  : Utrecht


Free occupied indicator

Excellent cooperation in design phase

Design reflects allure of historic building

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Toletto toiletontwerp onderwijs

project    : Vlietland College
location  : Leiden


Smart Refresh 

Smart solution to improve toileting by students


Clean toilets reduce absenteeism

                                        "Een schoon en fris gebouw bevordert de gezondheid en prestaties van de gebruikers en verlaagt het ziekteverzuim." 


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Schools today are often multifunctional with many types of users. Students, teachers, parents, visitors and renter groups for the evening hours and weekends. A clean and shining building improves health and performance and lowers sick leave levels. Furthermore, outsiders judge the overall quality of a school upon the state of the building and its interior. Toletto can offer a high standard of school toilet blocks for all budgets. From kindergarten playrooms to university amenities, an investment in good quality sanitary facilities will always pay significant returns.

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Added inspiration? Bathrooms. We visit them often, and not always in the comfort of our own homes. They can be found everywhere: in schools, hospitals, student accommodation, hotels, theatres, theme parks, garages, offices, shops etc. Each and every location has its own specific demands. Hospitals require high standards of hygiene and safety; some people need […]