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Toletto toiletrenovatie transport

project    : Brussels Airport
location  : Zaventem (B)




Custom made furniture


High traffic location 

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For airports, car parks and garages, toilets are a must for a public constantly on the move. Toletto can offer efficient, low budget to high end solutions for high traffic locations. Toilets with or without entrance barriers, vending machines or lockers. Safe, completely vandal-proof and easy to clean and maintain. Investment in good quality bathroom and toilet facilities will always pay significant returns.

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Added inspiration? Bathrooms. We visit them often, and not always in the comfort of our own homes. They can be found everywhere: in schools, hospitals, student accommodation, hotels, theatres, theme parks, garages, offices, shops etc. Each and every location has its own specific demands. Hospitals require high standards of hygiene and safety; some people need […]