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Toletto toiletrenovatie zorg

project    : Swinhove Care Company
location  : Zwijndrecht

Antibacterial finish of materials

Convenient for those who need help when visiting the bathroom

Fresh and creative look & feel


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Care sector

Clean bathrooms and toilets within the care sector are essential for the protection of vulnerable patient groups and must also be welcoming to the high numbers of visitors. Quality bathrooms increase patient and family member trust in a health care organisation. Optimal hygiene within sanitary areas is the best way to prevent the spreading of bacteria and viruses. Toletto offers appropriate solutions for hospitals, care homes and mental health facilities.

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Added inspiration? Bathrooms. We visit them often, and not always in the comfort of our own homes. They can be found everywhere: in schools, hospitals, student accommodation, hotels, theatres, theme parks, garages, offices, shops etc. Each and every location has its own specific demands. Hospitals require high standards of hygiene and safety; some people need […]