Added inspiration?

Bathrooms. We visit them often, and not always in the comfort of our own homes. They can be found everywhere: in schools, hospitals, student accommodation, hotels, theatres, theme parks, garages, offices, shops etc.

Each and every location has its own specific demands. Hospitals require high standards of hygiene and safety; some people need help when visiting the bathroom. Garages require vandal-proof amenities. Theatres must deal with peak hour flows during intermissions.

However, they all have a common thread: each and every bathroom makes an important statement within the immediate environment. The quality of the finish will effect each user’s overall impression of the entire building. A cleverly designed, clean and fresh smelling bathroom can positively affect the image of any organisation. We are very proud of the exciting and stunning bathrooms we have created in countless locations both at home and abroad during the past five years.

You can see a few of our reference projects below.